KN Circet Secure Excavation, Cable Laying and Reinstatement Contract in Northern Ireland

KN have been successful in securing a significant contract with NIE Networks for works on their underground electricity network in Northern Ireland.

The Works are for the provision of Excavation, Cable Laying & Reinstatement associated with:

  • The excavation and reinstatement of trenches and joint holes.
  • Installation of electricity cables (33kV, 11kV, LV mains and LV service) and related equipment (including mini pillars, underground distribution boxes, auxiliary cables, ducts, etc.) associated with Provision of New Customer Connections, Fault and Emergency Response, Asset Installation / Replacement / Upgrade Works
  • Cable Jointing of 33kV, 11kV, LV and Service Cables.
  • Management of Street Works activities including signing, lighting and guarding of works to Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual.

The tender process commenced in November 2017 with contract award in September 2018.

KN will be the single supplier in the “South” region, and will also have the opportunity to tender for large scale projects across all regions.

The contract will run for 5 years, with the option of extending the overall duration to 8 years.