KN Circet Secure Place on Rail Framework

KN Circet have secured a place on Irish Rail’s Framework Agreement for Minor Building & Civil Engineering Works.

The project works (from €100k up to value of €1M) may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Any works required to facilitate construction of new platforms and/or extension, & upgrading of existing platforms;
  • Construction of footbridges and any associated lift installations;
  • Any works required to facilitate construction of new car parks and/or extension & upgrading of existing car parks;
  • Any works required to facilitate bridge widening, bridge replacement, bridge closures, road realignments, access roads etc.;
  • Alterations to existing railway underbridges or overbridges;
  • Embankment/cutting works including widening, strengthening and repair;
  • Construction of roads, earthworks, drainage, boundary treatment and minor civil engineering and building works;
  • Any works required to facilitate the relocation of services adjacent to the railway;
  • Works on listed structures;
  • Demolition of existing railway structures;
  • Building works;
  • Works on listed buildings;
  • Removal, relocation of and/or modifications to existing structures and buildings;
  • Foundation works, ground engineering and geotechnical processes;
  • All associated temporary works to ensure the continued operation of the railway.

KN have been providing services across the rail network for a number of years, delivering a wide range of projects.