KN Circet to Commence Works at Ballyboden Reservoir

KN Circet have secured a contract from Irish Water for carrying out advance works at the Ballyboden Reservoir, South Dublin.

The Works within this Contract comprise of, but are not limited to the following:

  • Site clearance and removal of trees from specified locations;
  • Laying of cable ducting for the diversion and undergrounding of the existing overhead MV/LV ESB line (including temporary pole(s) and bases for plinths);
  • Diversion of a section of the existing pumped supply watermain (rising main);
  • Site investigative works to ascertain location, dimensions and materials of existing utilities, services and watermains (including the existing overflow outside the site boundary);
  • Design and construction of connections to existing watermains;
  • Design and construction of chambers;
  • Design and installation of associated fittings and valves;
  • Crossing of existing services, streams and ditches;
  • Installation of suitable bedding, surround and backfill;
  • Provision of temporary and permanent reinstatement works of various surface types and reinstatement of grass verges and agricultural lands;
  • Associated civil engineering works;
  • PSCS role;
  • Designer role;
  • Liaison with the Employer and Local Authorities’ personnel;
  • Liaison (obtaining approval of the Contractor’s design and methodology) with the All Reservoirs Panel Engineer (ARPE) appointed by the Employer;
  • Liaison (obtaining approval of the Contractor’s design and methodology) with ESB Networks;
  • Any ancillary works associated with the above.

Ballyboden Reservoir currently supplies up to 30,000m3 per day of drinking water to the greater Dublin area.